Expert Perspectives: CABENUVA Conversations

Hear what experts say about treating patients with CABENUVA.

Speakers are compensated by ViiV Healthcare.


Uncovering Patient Challenges Taking Daily Oral Therapy

Christopher Bettacchi, MD

Dr. Bettacchi describes his patients’ most common challenges taking daily oral therapy and shares techniques for starting conversations about compliance with patients.


HIV Treatment Decision Factors

Christopher Bettacchi, MD

Dr. Bettacchi discusses his approach to individualizing HIV treatment by including patients in treatment decisions.


A Head-to-Head Switch Study

Moti Ramgopal, MD

A key investigator presents an overview of the study design and key efficacy and safety results from SOLAR, a phase 3b study comparing CABENUVA to continuing daily oral BIKTARVY. Patient perspectives revealed in the study are also discussed.


Patient and Physician Perspectives on CABENUVA

Turner Overton, MD, with Marvin, Patient Ambassador

A physician and patient discuss why they switched to CABENUVA, as well as their experiences with every-2-month dosing.


Dosing and Administration of CABENUVA

Christopher Bettacchi, MD

Dr. Bettacchi reviews the dosing of every-2-month CABENUVA and approaches to planned and unplanned missed injections.

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