ATLAS-2M drug-related AEs graphic ATLAS-2M drug-related AEs graphic

Drug-related adverse events through Week 1521,2

ATLAS-2M: The majority of adverse reactions were Grade 1-2 injection site reactions (ISRs) and were the most common side effect associated with CABENUVA in both arms, the majority of which were mild to moderate and short in duration.2

  1. Adverse reactions defined as “treatment-related” as assessed by the investigator.
  2. Pyrexia: includes pyrexia, feeling hot, chills, influenza-like illness, body temperature increased.
  3. Fatigue: includes fatigue, malaise, asthenia.
  4. Musculoskeletal pain: includes musculoskeletal pain, musculoskeletal discomfort, back pain, myalgia, pain in extremity.
  5. Rash: includes erythema, pruritus, pruritus generalized, purpura, rash, rash-erythematous, generalized, macular.
  6. Sleep disorders: includes insomnia, poor quality sleep, somnolence.

ATLAS-2M: ISRs through Week 152

  • ISRs were consistent across ATLAS-2M and SOLAR1
  • Rate of ISRs at each visit decreased over the first 48 weeks and remained consistent thereafter2

    • Self-reported ISRs could potentially underestimate the true rate of ISRs over time; ISRs may still be present but not reported during the study
  • Discontinuations due to injection-related reasons: every-2-month=2%, once-monthly=3%
  • Median duration was 3 days (IQR 2-5 days) in both arms1,2

Alternate Site of Care (ASOC):

Your patients may go to a location other than your office for injections, sometimes also referred to as an
Alternative Site for Administration (ASA).

You provide patient care, and the ASOC can manage everything from benefits verification to administering injections to reimbursement.

CABENUVA access and affordability

Get comprehensive support from benefit verification to reimbursement to acquisition to co-pay collection.

AE=adverse event; IQR=interquartile range.


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  2. Overton ET, Richmond G, Rizzardini G, et al. Long-acting cabotegravir and rilpivirine dosed every 2 months in adults with human immunodeficiency virus 1 type 1 infection: 152-week results from ATLAS-2M, a randomized, open-label, phase 3b, noninferiority study. Clin Infect Dis. 2023;76(9):1646-1654. doi:10.1093/cid/ciad020