Offer patients with HIV two months between doses

The switch to every-2-month CABENUVA...It starts with you

Starting patients on every-2-month CABENUVA

CABENUVA is administered as 2 intramuscular (IM) injections by a healthcare professional once monthly or every 2 months. Adherence to the dosing schedule is strongly recommended. Talk to your patients about the two dosing options and decide which dosing frequency would be the most appropriate option.

Before initiation of CABENUVA, ensure patients agree to the required every-2-month dosing schedule and counsel patients about the importance of adherence to scheduled dosing visits.

Setting a consistent every-2-month injection date, the Target Treatment Date (TTD), can help keep your patients on track. It is recommended that patients receive their every-2-month injections on the same date every other month, making the Target Treatment Date fall between the 1st and 28th day of every 2 months to help ensure consistency.

An optional oral lead-in can be used to assess tolerability with CABENUVA. If using the oral lead-in, prescribe 2 tablets (1 x 30-mg cabotegravir tablet and 1 x 25-mg rilpivirine tablet) to be taken once daily with a meal for approximately 1 month (at least 28 days). Initiation injections (cabotegravir 600 mg/3 mL and rilpivirine 900 mg/3 mL) should be administered on the last day of oral lead-in, if used.

Every-2-month dosing schedule

Every-2-month dosing schedule graphic
  • Initiate injections on the last day of current antiretroviral therapy or oral lead-in, if used

What if a patient misses an injection?

Patients who miss a scheduled injection visit should be clinically reassessed to ensure resumption of therapy remains appropriate.

Continuing after missed injections

If a patient plans to miss a scheduled visit by more than 7 days:

  • Any fully suppressive oral antiretroviral regimen may be used until injections are resumed; or
  • Oral cabotegravir (30-mg tablet) in combination with rilpivirine (25-mg tablet) once daily may be used for up to 2 consecutive months to cover a planned missed injection visit

The first dose of oral therapy should be taken approximately 2 months after the last injection dose of CABENUVA and continued until the day injection dosing is restarted.

Restarting after missed injections for patients on every-2-month dosing schedule

Planned Missed CABENUVA Injections

Restarting Q2M CABENUVA unplanned missed doses graphic

Unplanned Missed CABENUVA Injections

Restarting Q2M CABENUVA planned missed doses graphic

Dosing and administration guide

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Download this guide to receive information on:

  • CABENUVA dosing kits and storage
  • The CABENUVA dosing schedule
  • Administering the initiation and continuation injections
  • Managing missed injections
  • Injection considerations to share with your patient
  • Drug-drug interactions

    • Recommendations are based on drug-drug interactions observed after oral administration of cabotegravir and rilpivirine or predicted interactions due to the expected magnitude of the interaction and potential loss of virologic response
    Drug-drug interactions table
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