For virologically suppressed adults with HIV-1. See Full Indication.

Treatment Resources

Get a comprehensive picture of this injectable HIV treatment with informative videos, resources, and guidelines below, and start preparing your practice for CABENUVA implementation.


HCP Perspectives: Implementing CABENUVA

Hear from Dr. Cunningham and his team about their best practices for implementing CABENUVA in their office

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HCP Perspectives: Efficacy
and Safety of CABENUVA

Infectious disease specialist discusses CABENUVA, an injectable option for HIV, and highlights clinical data from ATLAS and FLAIR studies

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Implementation Best Practices With CABENUVA

Get an inside look at some best practices for implementing CABENUVA into your practice

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Injection Education Video

Watch an instructional video on how to properly prepare and administer CABENUVA injections

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Resources for Healthcare Professionals

Prescribing Information

See the full Prescribing Information (PI) for CABENUVA, the first and only once-monthly, long-acting, complete injectable HIV treatment regimen

DHHS Guidelines

View the DHHS Panel’s recommendation on CABENUVA and long-acting antiretroviral therapy

Dosing and Administration

Download helpful information on dosing kits and storage, administration steps, and other frequently asked questions