For virologically suppressed adults with HIV-1. See Full Indication.

Patient Experience

Listen to real patients with HIV—Orlando, Karen, and Mark—share their unique experiences and thoughts on living life after switching to once-monthly* treatment with CABENUVA.

Prior to initiating treatment with CABENUVA, prescribe cabotegravir 30-mg and rilpivirine 25-mg oral tablets, both taken once daily with a meal, for approximately 1 month (at least 28 days) to assess tolerability.1

These quotes reflect patient experiences with CABENUVA after receiving 1 month of oral lead-in of cabotegravir and rilpivirine. Individual patient experiences are not indicative of all patient experiences or clinical trial results.

It was the once-monthly regimen that really got me to saying, "Hey this is awesome for me!"

“When I was taking daily HIV pills, I had to worry about storing the medication and where I was going to hide it…

Once I started CABENUVA injections, I had privacy with not having to store HIV pills and instead focus on my treatment appointment once a month.

Sure, there is some pain involved in the injections, but it’s worth it to me.”


Diagnosed in 2013 

Clinical trial participant and patient ambassador

Tips for starting a conversation

Ready to talk to appropriate patients about CABENUVA? It’s important to select patients who can follow the required monthly injection dosing schedule, as missed doses may lead to loss of virologic response and development of resistance. 

It can be helpful to:

  • Let patients know what to expect with monthly injections
  • Allow enough time to address patients’ questions 
  • Empower patients to speak candidly about their HIV treatment

See additional clinical and patient considerations to help determine which patients may be appropriate.

“You have to not allow HIV to defeat you, so that’s what I try
to do. “


Diagnosed in 2016

Clinical trial participant and patient ambassador

Considerations for administering CABENUVA

CABENUVA must be administered by a healthcare professional. Learn how to schedule monthly injections and review recommendations regarding drug-drug interactions.

It's nice to see you [my healthcare team] once a month

“With CABENUVA injections, I feel a sense of independence from not having to take a pill at the same time every day and fearing that I missed it. Instead of stressing about daily treatment, I can focus on treatment once a month.

Even though it’s just a few seconds a day to take a pill, I now don’t have to remember to take my HIV treatment until my next appointment.


Diagnosed in 2006

Clinical trial participant and patient ambassador

Schedule a meeting to get started

Get the information and individualized support your practice needs to implement CABENUVA. If you have a question, meetings may be requested with a ViiV Medical Expert, ViiV Sales Representative, or ViiV Reimbursement Specialist to discuss CABENUVA. 


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