For virologically suppressed adults with HIV-1. See Full Indication.

Injection Education

Watch a video tutorial on how to properly prepare and administer once-monthly CABENUVA—the first and only long-acting complete regimen for the treatment of virologically suppressed adults with HIV-1.1 Review preparation steps—including storage requirements and vial/syringe preparation—along with detailed information on administering initiation and continuation injections.

Injection education video

  • Refer to the Instructions for Use for complete administration instructions with illustrations
  • CABENUVA must be administered by a healthcare professional
  • A complete dose requires 2 injections: one injection of cabotegravir and one injection of rilpivirine
  • Cabotegravir and rilpivirine are suspensions for gluteal intramuscular injection that do not need further dilution or reconstitution
  • Administer each injection at separate gluteal injection sites (on opposite sides or 2 cm apart) during the same visit
  • The ventrogluteal site is recommended
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