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Remembering treatment every day was a struggle

Occupation: Lawyer
Diagnosis Date: September 2015
CABENUVA Start Date: March 2018 (clinical trial)

Treatment journey, including experience on CABENUVA:

  • Travels a lot, including internationally, for his job
  • Daily treatment was a struggle to remember. It was also challenging when he traveled—packing enough pills, remembering to bring them, or being concerned about running out of medication while abroad
  • Given every-2-month dosing and his struggle with having to remember his pills every day, Steve and his doctor chose CABENUVA.
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Daily treatment was a daily reminder
 of HIV

Occupation: Program Manager
Diagnosis Date: November 2001
CABENUVA Start Date: January 2021

Treatment journey, including experience on CABENUVA:

  • Reminded daily about his HIV status by daily oral therapy
  • Started CABENUVA, originally monthly, and preferred the shift from daily oral therapy to a long-acting injectable. He has enjoyed not having daily reminders from treatment
  • Started his current job working in the HIV space
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Was concerned that pills would reveal his status

Occupation: Public Relations and Communications Manager
Diagnosis Date: December 2015
CABENUVA Start Date: October 2021

Treatment journey, including experience on CABENUVA:

  • When diagnosed, went silent for 2 years while overcoming the perceived stigma; initially hid his pills in his car's glove box
  • Originally on another combination pill before switching to BIKTARVY in 2018; struggled with the reminders that came with daily treatment
  • Started CABENUVA injections; has been receiving them every 2 months. Prefers CABENUVA and is “extremely unlikely” to go back to orals

Questions to ask your patients about taking daily oral therapy

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“Do you hide your medication from those around you?”

“Is it difficult to remember to take your oral treatment every day?”

"Do you feel that your HIV medication is an uncomfortable daily reminder of your HIV status?"